Dynamic Solutions is a vastly growing IT company. We specialize in outsourcing IT professionals. In respect to our Clients our goal is to provide the best consultants available, which is why our main focus is on mature professionals with commercial experience. We look for programmers with a potential, which is why we may overlook a lack of experience for bright, young programmers with thirst for knowledge and willingness to learn.

Front-end Developer

Front-End Developer

The role is to work as a front-end developer on a variety of systems for our Clients. A candidate for this role is expected to understand key server-side web development concepts through experience in creating, editing or modifying templates for a CMS or web development framework and interpreting graphic visual or interaction designs in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Desired skills and expertise

  • Minimum 3 years of web development experience,
  • Thorough knowledge of HTML and CSS,
  • Thorough knowledge of JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS
  • Ability to create semantically correct HTML documents that are optimized for search engines,
  • Knowledge of standards and current trends in the development of front-end applications,
  • Reliability, accuracy and regularity,
  • Ability to self-organization of work

Location: Your home base will be our office in Białystok, Poland

We are looking for people that are willing to relocate to Białystok, Poland. Other than Polish and EU residents, we limit our search to citizens of the following countries: Republic of Belarus, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Georgia, Republic, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine and Russian Federation due to a simplified procedure of securing the work permits.


Please provide your application in English version including your earliest possible starting date.