Showcasing WebSight at adaptTo() 2023

Anna Szemiot
Anna Szemiot Sep 28 2023 3 min read

Last month, the adaptTo() 2023 conference brought together some of the brightest minds in the Apache Sling, Apache Jackrabbit and Apache Felix space.

This annual summit has become a staple in the web development community, offering a platform for sharing the latest in innovative ideas, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices.

Taking the center stage

For many in our field, adaptTo() is an absolute highlight of the technical calendar. This year was especially memorable for our team at Dynamic Solutions. Our CEO, Marta Karpińska-Cukierman, and DXP Architect Maciej Laskowski took the stage to delve deep into the architecture of DS’s proprietary product - the WebSight DXP

Marta Cukierman and Maciej Laskowski at adaptTo() stage Marta Cukierman and Maciej Laskowski presenting at the adaptTo() 2023 stage

Their presentation provided insights into how WebSight real-time DXP’s architecture builds agile and responsive digital platforms. We demonstrated the integration of CMS as a data source and emphasized the platform's capability to process events in real-time.

adaptTo() audience adaptTo() 2023 audience

Live demo included showcasing the benefits of local data storage for consistent digital presence, the decrease in issues coming from external data sources, and the scalability improvements from event-based communication.

Below, you can find the full recording of Marta’s and Maciej’s presentation.

The playground session

The next day's playground session, hosted by Maciej Laskowski along wiith our CTO and DXP Architect, Michał Cukierman and Paweł Boguski - the Lead CMS Developer, provided a deeper dive into specific aspects of WebSight, particularly the platform's CMS and the inner mechanisms of the real-time DXP.

Pawel Boguski at WebSight Playground Session Paweł Boguski (right) at the adaptTo() Playground Session

Michał Cukierman at WebSight Playground Session Michał Cukierman (third from the left, bottom row) at the Playground Session

Maciej Laskowski at WebSight Playground Session Maciej Laskowski (on the right, captured from behind) at the Playground Session

Our take on adapt(to)

Following the presentation, it became evident how critical real-time data processing is in the modern digital age. As the expectation for immediate responses grows, platforms like WebSight DXP offer solutions that address these demands head-on.

Go to to learn more about how our real-time technology works.

2023 adaptTo() venue - Kulturbrauerei Berlin 2023 adaptTo() venue - Kulturbrauerei Berlin

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