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What you can do here

<AEM development/>

Build something big

The projects we work with involve extensive knowledge of enterprise-grade technologies. Our team specializes in Adobe Experience Cloud and Apache Sling, and has a proven track record of delivering digital experiences for global brands.

Project verticals: aviation, retail, automotive, tourism
Teams structure: frontend, backend, QA, BA



Create something new

Become a part of something exciting, as we take on the digital experience market with our cutting-edge open source platform.

WebSight is a cloud-based CMS able to support large amounts of traffic without any performance issues. 

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<Why Us/>

What it's like to work here

  • Resources and work setup

    Resources and work setup

    • Apple equipment

    • peripherals of your choice

    • ergonomic workspaces

    • free coffee & fruit

    • 4 CEE locations

  • Compensation package

    Compensation package

    • attractive salary

    • B2B or CoE 

    • paid time off

    • education allowance

  • Professional growth

    Professional growth

    • advanced projects with diverse technology stack

    • DevOps culture

    • knowledge-sharing events

    • technology guilds

    • public speaking opportunities

  • Leadership


    • flat structure, short decision chain

    • small, close-knit teams

    • clear communication and transparency

  • Community


    • regular social events and company trips

    • philanthropic and volunteer opportunities

    • work-life balance support

  • Health and well-being

    Health and well-being

    • parent-friendly environment

    • private healthcare

    • gym membership

<Career Opportunities/>

Open positions

Jobs available

  • Software Engineering
    Java Developer (Poland)
    • Warszawa
    • Białystok
    • Poznań
    100 - 165 PLN/h + VAT (B2B)
    12000 - 20000 PLN gross (CoE)
  • Software Engineering
    AEM Developer (Poland)
    • Warszawa
    • Białystok
    • Poznań
    125 - 185 PLN/h + VAT (B2B)
    15000 - 22000 PLN gross (CoE)
  • Software Engineering
    Java Developer - R&D Team
    • Warszawa
    • Białystok
    • Poznań
    130 - 180 PLN/h + VAT (B2B)
    15500 - 21500 PLN gross (CoE)
  • Software Engineering
    Java Developer (Hungary)
    • Debrecen
    24 - 38 EUR/h + VAT (B2B)
  • Software Engineering
    AEM Developer (Hungary)
    • Debrecen
    28 - 40 EUR/h + VAT (B2B)

<Our Recruitment Process/>

How to get on board

  • phone

    HR call

    We begin with a casual conversation to gain a better understanding of your skills, experience and expectations, and to provide you with further information about our company.

  • task icon

    Verification task

    Now we send you a link to a GitHub branch, including code and all of the task instructions. You are the one setting a deadline for posting your changes - we want you to take your time and deliver a high quality result.

  • checklist icon

    Technical Interview

    You meet with two of our engineers from an expertise field similar to yours. We'll ask several questions to assess your technical expertise and tell you more about our style of work. We want to make sure that we are both a good match!

  • CEO image

    Interview with CEO

    If possible, we provide you with more information about the project you could join at the beginning of your path at DS. This is also the moment for your contract terms negotiation.

  • congratulations icon

    Job Offer

    Once we’ve agreed on the terms, we’ll be able to sign the contract. Welcome to #teamds!

<What You've Been Asking/>


  • Yes, here at Dynamic Solutions feedback is a standard part of every recruitment process. We will provide you with an overview of your performance during each stage, and offer guidance on areas you can improve upon.

  • Having everyone at the same place makes communication easier, and allows us to work on projects more efficiently. We’ll encourage you to come to the office as often as possible. We also understand that in some situations it’s necessary to work from home.

  • To be a successful AEM backend developer, you should above all have a good understanding of Java. Other technologies you will need to work with AEM include JCR (Apache Jackrabbit Oak), OSGi (Apache Felix) and Apache Sling. Learn more about recommended tech stack in the official Adobe curriculum. 

  • You’ll be alright if you have worked with web technologies before. Spring is the framework that’s the most similar in structure to Apache Sling. If you are familiar with Spring,you should be able to make the switch in no time. To help people learn more efficiently, we’ve set up a DS Sling Guild, where you can ask as many questions as you need and learn hands-on from Kamil, the AEM Tech Lead running the guild.

  • Adobe Experience Manager is an enterprise solution that is primarily used by high-profile customers, such as airlines, retail and global media. This means that there are many challenges to overcome: large companies usually have complex and diverse requirements, and need a lot of software integrations to operate smoothly.

    As you regularly face these challenges, you learn to consider things in a more holistic way. You become more focused on your program functionality and efficiency, rather than thinking only in terms of functions, methods and classes. This is why working with AEM is a wise choice to advance your career as a software engineer.

  • Even the most experienced senior developers never stop learning, so you don't need to be a master of everything to join us. What we're looking for is the ability to take ownership and be self-reliant, along with a growth mindset.

    We offer lots of resources to help members of our team develop themselves further and gain new skills. From knowledge sharing events to internal developer guilds and workshops, at Dynamic Solutions you’ll find plenty of opportunities to expand your knowledge.