StreamX by Dynamic Solutions making waves at Adobe Summit 2024

Anna Szemiot
Anna Szemiot Apr 5 6 min read
Michał Cukierman, Marta Cukierman and Paweł Boguski at StreamX booth

The energy was high in Las Vegas this late March, as Adobe Summit 2024 brought together marketing and MarTech professionals. 

Dynamic Solutions wasn't just attending the event - we went there to showcase StreamX, our solution designed to address key pain points faced by Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) customers and help them embrace the future of digital experience development.

StreamX: a path to building modern DX platform

Many Adobe Experience Manager customers struggle with the complexity and cost of updating their platforms for modern demands. StreamX, our Digital Experience Mesh (DXM) solution, offers a better way.

It unlocks the benefits of the modern web – scalability, performance, security and optimized costs –  without the risks and costs associated with a complete rebuild.


Go to for the StreamX architecture overview, use cases and pricing.

Karpińska-Cukierman at the StreamX booth Our CEO Marta Karpińska-Cukierman at the StreamX booth

Live demo showcasing StreamX's powers

The highlight of our booth was a live demo showcasing real-time integration between AEM and StreamX. Here's what attendees saw in action:

  • AEM Sites with real-time components - personalized components that match the scale and performance of cached content.

  • Fast backend for Edge Delivery Services as a way to achieve high Lighthouse scores even with many integrations.

  • Integration of multiple source systems of AEM, PIM, Documents and more.

  • Real-time search serving instant information from the source systems.

  • Auto-generated sitemaps that always reflect the state of your pages.

  • Pre-rendered experiences that always reflect the latest changes in source systems.


Book a demo here so we can show you how the StreamX real-time integration works.

Paweł Boguski and Michał Cukierman at the StreamX booth StreamX Technical Lead - Paweł Boguski and CTO Michał Cukierman at the StreamX booth

"Mind-blowing infrastructure"

StreamX generated a lot of buzz at the booth. Our visitors were especially drawn to the live demo and the product’s potential to supercharge personalization, echoing this year’s Summit's central theme.

The conversations went beyond personalization, however. With its ability to offload the Adobe Experience Manager as the sole integration hub, StreamX sparked discussions about a complete paradigm shift in digital experience platforms architectures.

StreamX Adobe Summit booth during live demo StreamX Adobe Summit booth during live demo

Social media posts echoed this excitement. Tad Reeves, AEM architect and a recognized expert in the field, called StreamX “scrappy and brilliant, "mind-blowing infrastructure" and, alongside advancements from Adobe itself, an "amazing SOLUTION for fast web delivery".

Krassimir Boyanov of KBWEB Consulting pointed out how StreamX could help AEM pages achieve new highs in Lighthouse scores, a metric for web performance, while still maintaining truly dynamic content.

Dynamic Solutions empowering businesses with StreamX

With StreamX, we offer AEM customers a way to achieve the goals of modern web experiences – personalization, speed, and efficiency. We can’t wait to see StreamX help digital businesses shape their future.

Join us on this journey and follow StreamX on LinkedIn for more updates.